artist statement

Photographs and drawings from Patty deGrandpre’s life experiences become the catalyst for her graphic and vivid mixed media prints. Images familiar to most are digitally manipulated and presented in a unique context. The expected appearance of objects and scenery become unexpected as images are cropped and deconstructed, then reassembled onto a variety of media. Using her inkjet printer and block printing ink, digital images are exquisitely layered within fields of color, textures, and shapes creating depictions that celebrate both the abstract and the pictorial. The narrative becomes relatable even in her most abstract pieces once the viewer discovers the origin of the image. deGrandpre received her BFA in Visual Design at Southeastern Massachusetts University. A graphic design approach is not only apparent but a pragmatic necessity for deGrandpre. Making sense of the subjective through thoughtful structure and balance of tone, form, and details are considered with all components of her work. deGrandpre frequently reviews her ever expanding catalog of imagery. Whether walking down memory lane or embracing the present she appears to effortlessly combine the visual elements she has collected.